Corporate Philosophy

For persist in professionalism and quality, a good quality control process is completely established.  Our persistence on quality is the best guarantee for customers.

Always strive to satisfy customers with quality of products and service.  By every satisfaction strengthen customers' trust in Aurora.

Aurora devotes keeping continuous improvement and pursuing from promotion into perfect.  To fully meet customers’ needs switch on the innovating strength.

Valuing Employees      
Employee is an important asset of an enterprise.  Aurora values employees, treats each employee as an independent individual, gives them support and respect outside of work, cares about their future life, allows them to find a sense of belonging in the team, and create a positive, favorable, high-employee centripetal and productive efficient workplace.

Comply with environmental protection regulations, keep environmental communication with the outside world.
Improve the efficiency of the manufacturing process, improve the quality of resource recycling and reuse.
Continuous improvement- Reduce waste, prevent pollution, develop and improve reuse
Reduce environmental impact- Use technology to reduce the generation of pollution sources to reduce the impact on the environment.